​BR Anastasia 3023 ET

The DM BR Sooner  x  BR Gabrielle 5082 breeding is the cornerstone of popular CSF genetics. Cattle owned in partnership with the Barbers in Channing, Texas, have been incredibly successful in the show ring the last few years beginning with CSF 18U Olivia 2102, the 2013 Champion Female in Louisville (an Outcross 18U  x  Sooner Gabrielle daughter) owned by Ramsey Herefords.

Additionally a CSF 18U Olivia 2102 daughter sired by About Time was Intermediate Champion Polled Hereford Female in Denver this year.

​CSF Olivia daughter sired by About Time

We will some exciting offerings this coming year. Stay tuned!

​Recent Champions and CSF Breeding

​BR Belle Air 6011

CSF 18U Olivia 2102

And now, BR Belle 4082 ET, a full sister-in-blood with CSF 18U Olivia 2102, raised her first calf, BR Belle Air 6011 (February 2016 calf) to become the 2017 National Champion Bull and Supreme Champion Hereford in Denver. Belle Air combines a superior phenotype (including a 45cm scrotal circumference) with a great spread of birth to growth weight EPD's, and great carcass values! ​​

This was followed by BR Anastasia 3023 ET (a Nitro  x  Sooner Gabrielle daughter) which was Champion Female in 2015 at Kansas City, Fort Worth, and Denver! She was then named "Miss World" by HerefordBreeder.net. The competition featured champion bulls and females from 66 countries representing six breeds. Then BR Nitro Aventus 3116 ET, Anastasia's full brother was Champion Bull and Supreme Champion in Denver in 2016.